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  1. Purpose of the Agreement

MARRIED by REV ROXY has agreed to work together with the undersigned individual/company/organization to create a unique wedding ceremony experience at the request and purchase of engaged couples or for vow renewals.  This agreement describes the understanding and commitments to this collaborative effort.


  1. Scope and Duration

MARRIED by REV ROXY will work with the above party to curate and perform wedding ceremonies. The agreement will guide the collaboration for the period provided below. The scope and duration of the collaboration may be amended, extended or terminated anytime at the discretion of MARRIED by REV ROXY.


  1. Agreement Structure:

The above party will work exclusively with MARRIED by REV ROXY for the purpose of wedding ceremonies and may not collaborate with any other wedding officiant. However, the above party may work as an independent contractor for wedding ceremonies but not in combination with another wedding officiant for the duration of the agreement. This agreement serves as a nondisclosure of any materials, ceremony structure or ceremony presentation strategies or tactics. Officiant is not permitted to use the materials provided to them by MARRIED by REV ROXY® for their own creations to clients outside of MARRIED by REV ROXY® or to start their own company or organization.


  1. Legal & Financial Agreement:

The honorariums will go to MARRIED by REV ROXY, which will then give provided payment to above party the prior agreed upon payment for the ceremony. Payment will always be agreed upon in writing: email or text message. Each ceremony could potentially pay vastly different depending on expenses and agreement with MARRIED by REV ROXY.


  1. Responsibility

Once the above party has agreed to an assignment the party, they must fulfill the duty of performing or sending a replacement of equal or great talent. Party is fully responsible for performing or providing a substitute (no later than 14 days of a booking. If party sends a substitute. payment to the substitute may differ.)


  1. Termination of this agreement

The above party may not terminate this agreement once collaboration is publically announced. 

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