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MARRIED by REV ROXY | O' Ireland

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

If you are looking for a great get away with some intellectual flare, or a nice babymoon/honeymoon idea try Dublin, Ireland during the month of February. My visit during the week of Valentine's Day was magical!

Don't feel pressured to go to the countryside if that's not your thing. The city of Dublin has plenty to offer. So grab your walking shoes, download their more popular car service "Hailo" (a version of Uber) and hit the ground running.

As my first experience in Europe, I can't give my top picks for European travels, but I will say that I will rank it among the top 10 places to go as a couple. Josh and I will consider bringing our daughter here when she is older so that she remembers the things she learns on the museum tours.

This trip was perfect for my minimalist lifestyle practice. I brought one bowling styled Louis Vuitton monogram. The Evasion travel bag has a zipped shoe compartment, it is smaller than the Keep all and bigger than Speedy.

So, quickly, below are my recommendations and what I thought of each.


  1. Guinness Storehouse: Must see!

  2. The Irish Whiskey Museum: Fun and educational and cheaper than Jameson tour.

  3. St. Patricks Cathedral: Must see even if you are not Catholic or into religion.

  4. The Leprechaun Museum: A little unique, but would be interesting for the record.

  5. Restaurants: The Oval Bar, Thai Orchid, The Bay Lounge and Hardy's Bar

  6. Shopping: Meadows & Bryne

  7. Hotel: The Royal Marine Hotel- 3.5 stars and we got a handicap room; but we CHECKED IN EARLY FOR FREE- way early!

All of this for a whopping 1K for two people traveling Monday-Thursday (flight and hotel). Not bad for Europe!

Until next time! Cheers~

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