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MARRIED by REV ROXY | Sacred Space: Rebuking Rainy Weather

There is no doubt that many couples imagine their wedding ceremonies outdoors. Nature provides nice and free decor. However the biggest battle isn't just whether you will have sunshine or not, but whether you will have to combat rain. Here is the thing, most planners will have Plan B ready to go, however TONS of brides have NO INTEREST IN PLAN B!!!!!! What a nightmare.

If you ever saw my episode of Bridezilla you will remember I was "in conflict with God" because a storm was coming over my yacht wedding. The yacht was swaying more than usual and I was told that if the weather got bad enough we could not sail because the water would be too rough. I was devastated! I remember praying quite fervently . I was literally bargaining with God about why it wasn't a good idea to allow the waves to roar. Ha! Anyway, my bargaining worked. It was still super chilly and windy (my veil was snatched off my head by the wind) but we set sail and returned to the West Side of New York City safely.

I share all this for a reason, meet Cynthia- she eloped on the pier at Brooklyn Bridge. Leading up to the day of her wedding she had slight concerns about it being so nice of a day that it would be too crowded to get the lovely shots she wanted. However, it was completely opposite. The rain washed out everyone! I gave my usual advice pertaining to manning the public, but not to worry. A pretty good photographer can still get the shots needed. Well, July 1, 2017 was a rainy day. When she sent me a text a little after noontime panicking about the rain I replied to her, "PRAY". I really meant it! No steam. Besides, I only gave her the advice I utilized myself.

When I arrived I carried with me two umbrellas, just in case we were in need. I was happy I did. During my recon of the area it started to pour harshly and immediately! The photographer, videographer and I made sure all the equipment was under the umbrella as we, in part, got soaked. QUICKLY, I begin to think of a backup plan. The day before, I remembered using the bathroom at a really cool wine shop near the ceremony location- WATERFRONT WINES AND SPIRITS. (This is why a rehearsal is worth the purchase.) No one would let me use their bathroom. However, Matt from Waterfront was so kind. I remember the store being filled with all kinds of pretty bottles. It was very Brooklyn-chic! I walked into the shop and there was Matt. I said, "Hi! I am the girl that used your bathroom yesterday. I am performing a marriage ceremony on the pier and if it is raining once the bride and groom get here can I perform the wedding here?" Matt looked at me as though his eyes could talk and as if it could say "welcome". He replied, " Oh my goodness, that would be neat. Sure you can. It would be the first wedding here ever."

AND THERE WE WERE, in a very poetic situation, once Cynthia arrived the rain slowed down a bit. We went and quickly performed the ceremony on the pier. We got rained on anyway (but got those shots though) and we walked back to the wine shop to officially sign the paperwork. What a day. We all LAUGHED. Witnesses, family, friends and staff- we all laughed. All I could say, "What a GREAT MEMORY."

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Venue: Waterfront Wines and Spirits

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