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MARRIED by REV ROXY | Ceremonies in Public Spaces


I am no wedding planner... I repeat, I AM NOT A WEDDING PLANNER. I, also, don't like spending unnecessary money, however, it takes a village to pull off a wedding. How big of a village you will want is completely up to you.

When I was getting married I wanted to find a venue that was a one stop shop. It came with food, wedding manager, tables, chairs etc. I did not want to piece together details. I wanted to find the general ambience I was looking for and then run with it. What was most important to me, in terms of esthetics, was my groom and I. I had the dress I wanted to wear in a prayer folder on my desktop for years before I ever knew who I would marry. I had an amazing hand picked make up artist who understood my natural-GLAM style, an keen hairstylist that captured a classic traditional princess updo working with Black ethnic hair, a DJ who knew how to address my entertainment needs for a multicultural wedding, a photographer and videographer that who knew how to tell my story and my Vera Wang White collection dress was just the icing on the cake. Our private ceremony on a yacht on the Hudson was not only more budget conscious than I ever imagined but it was minimal, elegant, classic and beautiful with no regrets. So for me, the "production" of the wedding was all about us as a couple and our journey to the alter.

However, in my experience as a Marriage Officiant I will say that it has been unique to perform ceremonies in public spaces. This is one of the moments in which I have seen a HUGE need for a wedding coordinator. Having a ceremony in a public space does not end with getting a permit, it starts there. The next step is hiring the perfect wedding day coordinator who has experience manning the public. When you have a permit it means you have permission to use the space, it does not come with body guards, production staff or any other kind of help. An assertive, yet kind, wedding coordinator will ensure the the public knows that the space will be utilized for a particular length of time and help create the space you need for the photographs you want as a keepsake. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY FOR PUBLIC WEDDINGS, it just depends on what kinds of photos you want. If you want to catch a particular view or skyline, yes. If you are in Grand Central Station, then the more the merrier.

At the end of the day, people may or may not remember the food you had at your reception but you will always have your pictures (and video for those who are interested). This is the memorial that you will build to capture the memory, so consider a wedding coordinator for public space ceremonies. It's money well spent and will put the couple at ease.

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Spotlight Wedding Coordinators

Designed by Lu (New York)

Touched By Innocence (PA & NJ)

The Birchfield Wedding Credits | Vender Referral List

MUA: Oscar Caballero

Hairstylist: Mohan Jean-Mary of Modimel studios

DJ: Isaac Middleton IV, DJ & MC

Photographer: Pink Parrot Pictures

Videographer: KUU Productions

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