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MARRIED by REV ROXY | Ring or Rosie?

One of my most recent ceremonies has got me thinking about the significance of the ring in the marriage ceremony. Within all my ceremonies I usually share with the witnesses the meaning of the rings. However, I have recently been asked to incorporate the exchanging of the roses within a particular ceremony. In my wedding homily I reflected, "For Christians the rose can be a reminder of the Garden of Eden, a paradise in a world that reflected God’s design before sin corrupted it and the red coloring being a reminder of the passion and sacrifice of Christ to redeem us." Splendid! This is why I appreciate the study of ceremonies. By this couple requesting this I was able to craft a sermon for their special day that reflected what was most valuable to them.

What's more, in the planning of my September 9th VOWS 101 kick off I've gotten the pleasure to visit the Hearts on Fire diamond store at King of Prussia. It is going to be such a neat experience having my consultation with brides in the heart of a diamond store. Their beautiful diamonds had me rethinking what it means to choose a ring. Being that I am such a minimalist-wannabe the INTERMINGLE DOUBLE RIGHT HAND RING from Hearts on Fire is very much my style. If I could do it all over again I probably would have gone with one ring that I am in love with rather than two. One man, one ring- right? In the end of it all, to each their own. Again, not prescriptive just descriptive.

You've got to remember, I was never really engaged- I JUST GOT MARRIED. So for my "bottom line" personality this idea fits best for me. Plus, I rather have all the funds go into one top tier quality ring than two rings for the sake of tradition. I am still wondering why I have an engagement ring. Tradition makes you do the darndest things.

So whether it's a ring or a rose. It is so important to know why you have chosen to do something. Don't just let tradition dictate all of your nuptial decisions. This is a time where two people become one. Making these decisions together becomes practice for battling life together. Press on!

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