MARRIED by REV ROXY puts in 18+ hours per couple just for their wedding ceremony. On the rare occasion she is invited to be a WEDDING CONSULTANT at an additional non-refundable fee agreed upon between the couple (or one of the persons in the premarital relationship) these are the following conditions the couple is agreeing to:


1. Rev. Roxy will make recommendations for couple based on the time range allotted between time of contact, wedding date and budget communicated. "Recommendations" + "referrals" are considered "made" or "accomplished" when Rev. Roxy reaches out to vendor and connects with the client with pricing estimates.

2. Couple MUST get married within the year they contact her for service. Rev. Roxy at this time only consults for couples looking to get married 90 days or less. 

3. Rev. Roxy is committed and is required to make recommendations and referrals ONLY. She will connect client to vendor recommendations via email (in writing). If couple does not want to go with the referred vendors they are free to and MUST find the particular vendor on their own.

4. All communication between couple (or person in the premarital relationship) with her referred vendors must be in writing via email with her copied to it or else she is not liable to have knowledge of the status, circumstances or outcomes.

5. Rev. Roxy should be given a clear and realistic budget per vendor category based on industry average.

6. Rev. Roxy is responsible for sourcing at least 1vendor that will fit the budget and availability requirement of the couple.

7. Couple (or person in premarital relationship) is responsible for engaging potential vendors and booking their date except the rare occasion that Rev. Roxy is the person manually transporting and delivering goods (such as flowers, decor etc.).

8. Rev. Roxy is not a designer or a wedding planner. She will not light candles, glue, stick or assemble arrangements. She will not read your contracts in details. She will not track deadlines. Couples need to read their contracts and know all the rules, regulations and limitations for each vendor they book.

9. Couple is responsible for all fees, deposits and balances per vendor booked for their wedding day. Rev. Roxy will not manage payments outside of what is owed to her and services she delivers.

10. Rev. Roxy's ultimate task and scope as this wedding consultant is complete once all vendors referred by her and booked arrive for the day of wedding. She will not be the wedding manager, planner or coordinator for the event.

11. Clients get 1 walk thru of venue OR 1 wedding rehearsal with this agreement.

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