Custom Local Ceremony Only

Working directly with REV ROXY is the complete white-glove experience. On average she is spending 18+ hours per couple. She executes with extreme attention to detail to curate your wedding ceremony to represent the couple in a unique and flawless fashion.

Custom Local Ceremony + Premarital Counseling

All of the couple counseling sessions are lead by her and her husband, Rev. Joshua Birchfield.

*LOCAL is anywhere within 250 miles of NYC.

Ceremony: $975
Ceremony + Premarital Counseling: $2,250

REV ROXY continues to train and develop a highly credentialed and educated team of ministers capable of marrying MARRIED by REV ROXY couples anywhere.

Continental U.S. Destination Custom Ceremony Only

(Flight & stay included)

Total investment with premarital counseling is $3,950.

International Destination Custom Ceremony Only

(flight + 2 night stay in hotel NOT included) **Must stay at resort of the wedding celebration. Total investment with premarital counseling is $4,100.