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Custom Local Ceremony Only

Working directly with REV ROXY is the complete white-glove experience. On average she is spending 18+ hours per couple. She executes with extreme attention to detail to curate your wedding ceremony to represent the couple in a unique and flawless fashion.

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Custom Local Ceremony + Premarital Counseling

Most of the couple's counseling sessions are led virtually by (couple)

REV ROXY & Rev. Joshua Birchfield.


*LOCAL is anywhere within 250 miles of NYC + applies to St. Augustine, Orlando & Tampa, FL.

A MBRR Associate Ceremony: $979
Elopement + Premarital Counseling: $2,699

REV ROXY continues to train and develop a highly credentialed and educated team of ministers capable of eloping MARRIED by REV ROXY couples locally. REV ROXY herself only performs at traditional weddings ceremonies and office elopements. But this option works for those interested in eloping in locations outside of her office.

Counseling will still be with Rev. Roxy +

Rev. Josh.

*Ask about 

The NJ Office Elopement Experience

(Starting at $499)

Continental U.S.
Destination Custom Ceremony Only


(Flight included but 2 night stay NOT included)

Total investment with premarital counseling is $4,499.

International Destination & Hawaii Custom Ceremony Only
starts at $4,999

(Flight + 2 night stay in hotel NOT included)

**Must stay at resort of the wedding celebration.

Total investment with premarital counseling is an additional $1.2K. All destination clients MUST take part in premarital counseling unless ceremony is a vow renewal.

Starting at $10,000
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