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Rev Roxy made our wedding ceremony the best part of the wedding! So many people came
up to my husband and I after the wedding and told us that the ceremony was the best part
of the day. During the planning process, she was incredibly responsive and very patient with
all of our endless questions. She incorporated the most important (or most silly!) parts of
our relationship and friendship into the ceremony itself, but kept the tone sincere, committal and sweet. She gave us a great ceremony formula to work with, but was open to
changes and incorporating our special requests and traditions into the script. Even though
we hadn't met her in person before our wedding day, when we finally did, she instantly felt
like a true friend and someone who was authentically and emotionally connected to the
day. I gotta tell you - there were not many dry eyes in the house :)

Rev Roxy is amazing. We have received more compliments about her service and officiating
skills than almost any other vendor that we used for our wedding. She really spoke about
myself and my husband as if she had known us our entire life. She was funny but also
conveyed the gravity of our decision to marry one another. We had a lot of readings in our
wedding and she crafted the most beautiful ceremony. We did not have a traditional Christian wedding as we have Muslim family members and she did an amazing job weaving
together Christian and Muslim elements into her descriptions of God. She is professional,
courteous, personable, funny and booking her was one of the best decisions!

Rev Roxy Is by far the most exciting and exuberant officiant I have ever met. I have been
following her work for quite some time so when I got the call that I would be working on a
styled photo shoot that she put together for her previous brides I was overjoyed. Roxy far
exceeded my expectations of her. She was funny, kind, and full of spunk. Roxy singlehandedly pulled an amazing team of talented professionals together to make the
shoot for her brides a magical story. They were pampered and styled and at the end of the day they left feeling beautiful. I would recommend Roxy to any couple deciding to get
married, she is patient, understanding with a warm spirit and easy to talk to.

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Eat, breathe, sleep bridal...that’s what you would think Roxanne did as meticulous as she was with every detail. Instead she’s just a super caring, detailed oriented, passionate, and creative artist who got to know our desires and crafted a meaningful highlight of our love story. Roxanne brought us into the covenant of marriage using the word of God as her vehicle and took our family and friends on a road through the purpose of marriage. All communication with Roxanne was timely and she kept us on track, consulting on the order of our ceremonial elements, down to the music. Roxanne offered to be present for our rehearsal and lent her expertise often pointing out the important moments we would want photographers to capture. She provided us ideas to visually and purposefully make our ceremony unique. Roxanne fully dedicated herself to the vision, the purpose, and the celebration of our new beginning. She was sensitive to our requests and provided us with information that freed us to make informed decisions. On the day of our wedding Roxanne arrived promptly an hour before our ceremony and brought a jovial energy to the space. She was a nonjudgmental ear that collaboratively worked with us to make our ceremony memorable, one of a kind and intentional. She embraced what was important to us and worked diligently to achieve that. Being MarriedByRevRoxy was as amazing as it sounds, incredible as it looks and One of the best decisions we could have made.

We chose Rev Roxy to be our officiant about months prior to our wedding. We were married in upstate NY and could have had a number of local officiants or ministers marry us, but we CHOSE Rev Roxy. The time, effort and heart that she puts into every wedding shows how dedicated she is to her couples and profession. She did an absolutely amazing job

marrying us and spoke so eloquently and with passion. We had many guests who asked about Rev Roxy and commented on how great she was as an officiant. My sister/MOH even said that when she renews her vows, she's going to have Rev Roxy do it! One of the many things I love about Rev Roxy is that she stays in touch with her couples and wants nothing but the best for them and their marriage. I haven't seen an o

ciant so engaged and connected to their couples as Rev Roxy. We were honored to have her marry us and wouldn't
have chosen anyone else to do it!

Rev Roxy is an amazing person! She not only delivered on our wedding day but ALSO provided the pre-marital counseling leading up to our big day. She took time to get to know
us, help us work things out, and she was super fl
exible throughout our whole experience.

She's an amazing individual that's definitely born to do what she does. Her continuous dedication to developing our long-lasting marriage and to our union was sensational. She truly exuded professionalism with a genuine spirit of love and tenderness to our union and entire experience. We'd definitely recommend Rev Roxy for anyone looking for pre-marital

counseling and an officiant!

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