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For us, working class folk, it's never easy to fulfill our wildest wedding fantasy once we have done the math of our biweekly paycheck and savings minus our KUWTK wedding plans. I currently am working with a bride who is trying to recreate the Gabriel Union and Dwayne Wade wedding ceremony and she keeps saying, "Obviously we don't have their budget." And I am thinking, "It cost nothing to be creative!"

This is part of what makes my job a passion! For the first time, in a long time, I am bringing creativity back into my ministry work. A lot of religion is based on ritual but spirituality doesn't have to be. The process of two people becoming one is absolutely fascinating. No matter how many weddings I attend as a guest or an officiate I am always eager to see what new ideas are incorporated to make the day memorable and special. In part, this is why I have created elopement packages.

Some of you may know my story. I met Joshua on May 21st, 2012 and by June 19th, 2012 we got hitched on our lunch break that was exactly 60 minutes. We did not have our wedding celebration until almost a year later. In my opinion, I wanted to get married to Joshua and I saw the party as something more imperative to the larger family community. Now, I DO NOT SHARE THIS TO BE PRESCRIPTIVE. This is purely descriptive. It's my story, but it does not have to be everybody's story. Nor would I recommend it be everybody's story.

However, I am super intrigued and OBSESSED with ceremonies. I have seen a number of officiants make claims to be wordsmiths or able to design jokes into the ceremony, but to be honest you could say the same words at every ceremony and for the most part, if the love is truly there, people will cry and photographers/videographers will have a field day with capturing heartfelt images. Besides, I rather focus on the prayer I will be saying for the two people becoming one. The bottom line is, it's about nothing else but the LOVE.

Josh and I got married in our combat military uniform. No frills, no makeup, no lashes... did I say NO LASHES? No dress, no violins playing in the background. Nothing. Just a lady at an office center authorized to legally sign marriage documents. She looked at us with her South Carolina rural accent and said, "Okay, you are married. I hope you like each other because after this it's a divorce!" How romantic, right?! But we smiled. We couldn't even huge or kiss because we were in uniform and had to maintain military bearing.

A little under a year later we walked down the aisle and we were both crying. It was still a breathtaking moment. I am talking about the bad kind of cry with possible snot! So there you have it. It simply doesn't matter. Don't be fooled by the hype. Don't break the bank. I wouldn't bother borrowing from a 401K. Know that whether you get every detail of your dream squared away on your wedding day or just choose to do something more low key or simple, GOD IS WITH YOU! You will feel the love that you claim to be there between you and your future spouse (or already spouse if you got hitched, lol).


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