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HEAVY LACE | Sharminique + Craig 1 Year Mark *** 17 QUESTIONS

HEAVY LACE is a blog primarily focused on the journey of THE BRIDE from marriage proposal through her first year and beyond. Occasionally, we pay homage to THE GROOM, but becoming a wife or furthermore, a wife-mom is a HUGE responsibility and MARRIED by REV ROXY has created this forum as a safe and sacred space to discuss all things bridal, wifey, mommy and beyond!

Sporadically, I like to catch up with my couples and talk FIRST YEAR OF MARRIAGE. I remember Sharminique + Craig's wedding ceremony like it was yesterday. It was set in such a beautiful venue in the heart of Claymont, Delaware, The Waterfall. The sound of the water crashing throughout this venue created such a peaceful ambience. Their beautiful ceremony was captured by wedding photographer Clapp Studios . Weeks after their ceremony the spotlight was set on them as they were featured in the blog of Munaluchi Bride . I highly recommend giving it a read for the wedding details.

Sharminique and Craig were also a part of the CLASS of 2017 Photo Shoot which was featured in Munaluchi Bride Summer 2018 Issue . Be sure to pick up a copy and learn more about my work with my couples.

Today being August 6th, marks the 1 year anniversary of this lovely MARRIED by REV ROXY couple. REV ROXY checked in with former MBRR Bride Sharminique. She has decided to sit with us (Craig chiming in and share her 1 year reflections. One of the fun things I like to do with my brides is play a game that does not give them very much time to think. There is a lot more TRUTH that way...Let's play 17 QUESTIONS:

1. Based on your wedding, what alias name would you give yourself? (Be creative)

Sharminique: Black Barbie Bride!

2. When did you get married?

Sharminique: August 6, 2017

3. Where did you get married?

Sharminique: The Waterfall in Claymont, DE

4. What’s your cultural background? What’s the groom’s cultural background?

Sharminique: We are both African American

5. How did you guys meet?

Sharminique: We met through a mutual friend who set us up on a blind date 13 years ago.

6. After experiencing a year as a wife would you say you both still want the same things?

Sharminique: If anything we want the same things now that we are married, more than ever before. We are definitely on the same page.

7. Are there moments when you reflect on the vows you said?

Sharminique: I reflect on the vows I said occasionally, more often when I catch myself being a spoiled wife. (laughs)

8. Are there any new habits you learned about your husband? Like not doing dishes or leaving disposable contact lenses on the bathroom sink?

Sharminique: New habits. Hmmm. He spoils me even more.

9. What do you think is your greatest strength as a wife?

Sharminique: I think my greatest strength as a wife is allowing my husband to be the “Man of the House”. I know that he will always make the best decisions for our family so I typically sit back and allow him to be the provider that he is.

10. What do you think is your spouse’s greatest strength?

Sharminique: My Husband’s greatest strength is definitely how hard working he is. He is the hardest working man that I know.

11. What do you like best about being married?

Sharminique: What I like best about being married is knowing that I get to spend the rest of my life with my BEST FRIEND.

12. Has anything surprised you about being married?

Sharminique: We have been surprised by the level of love and admiration shown towards our union. It makes us happy that we INSPIRE others.

13. What are your marriage goals? Where do you see “us” in 5 years?

Sharminique: Our Marriage goal is to always keep the spark alive by loving each other unconditionally and sticking to our vows. Our 5 year goal is to purchase our 2nd Home, own multiple businesses, travel to different Countries, and whatever else God has planned for us.

14. How can you better support your spouse today?

Sharminique: I can better support my spouse by not getting frustrated when his work schedule gets busy at times.

15. What do you love best about your spouse?

Craig: I love the amazing mother she is to our son and that she is always supportive in every decision I make for our family.

16. Where do you see “us” during the 1st anniversary?

Sharminique: Our 1st Year of marriage has been a journey in itself. We have learned a lot, accomplished many goals, and created very good memories.

17. If you were to re-design the house duties how would you?

Sharminique: I would just hire a maid. Just kidding! (laughs)

Until next time!


MBRR CLASS of 2017 BRIDAL GLAM SQUAD for Sharminique :


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