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Happy June! Join me on quick Q and A with Mrs. Jennifer Moorer. She is a 2017 MARRIED by REV ROXY bride. We got the chance to catch up with her and get an inside look on her "From Engaged to First Year of Marriage" reflections.

Q: Think a little outside the box, based on the style of your wedding day what alias name would you give yourself?

A: The Delayed Bride (LOL). I don’t think it kicked in that I was getting married until the actual day of the wedding. I was nonchalant and late on getting everything done.

Q: When did you get married?

A: September 16th 2017, the day after my 30th birthday.

Q: Where did you get married?

A: Long Island City Landing

Q: Share with us a little about your cultural background and your now husbands...

A: I am Indo Caribbean—my parents are from Guyana, and Q’s background is Southern and Jamaican.

Q: In a nutshell, what's the love story?

A: Quantrell and I met when we worked together at Babies R Us in 2006. We had a mutual friend who connected us, and the rest is history.

Q: After experiencing some months as a wife do you still want the same things out of marriage? If not- what has changed? How do you see yourself supporting your husband with this new found perspective?

A: Yes, we still want the same things. Quantrell and I have been together for 12 years, and within that time we have shared many dreams and goals. We’ve also shared adversity and obstacles. Being married during these months we are still aligned on the next steps. We’d like to become first time home owners, and plan to expand our family. We are just following God’s plan, and we are patient on all of our goals. We know that everything will fall into place naturally.

Q: Isn't that exciting! Stepping into the unknown together can be scary and exciting all at the same time. Are there moments when you reflect on the vows you said during the first year?

A: My vows navigate how I treat my husband and our marriage. I reflect on what I committed too routinely, but when times get hard I really meditate on my vows to our marriage to help me have a clear perspective, and make better choices.

Q: What do you think is your greatest strength as a wife?

A: I am very patient, and I believe everything will happen, and come in due time. I don’t put unnecessary pressure on Quantrell and our marriage because I firmly believe that everything will fall into place.

Q: What do you think is your spouse’s greatest strength?

A: Q’s greatest strength is the way he believes in me. He has always believed in all of my dreams and ambitions. Even when things don’t go as planned, he never questions my ability to bounce back. He empowers me to take risk and pursue goals that often feel impossible.

Q: Well it sounds like he has taken his vows seriously as well. That's such a great quality to have in a spouse. What do you like best about being married?

A: The best thing about being married is knowing that you’ve found someone who can see beauty in you that is deeper than looks. As I get older and start seeing cellulite and gray hairs, Quantrell still loves me. He still tells me I am beautiful every, single day. As the world around us becomes more superficial, I love that he loves me the same way he did when I was 18.

MARRIED by REV ROXY thanks former bride and now WIFE Mrs. Jennifer Moorer for sharing all the fun and quirky twist and turns from engaged life to the first year of marriage! Until next time...

Photos: Amy Anaiz

Event: Bridal Shower of Jennifer Seepaul

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