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MBRR November '17 Bonus Blog | NYBFW 2017

Taffeta, Tulle and cupcakes, oh my!

It was a fun filled week of everything thing that glitz and glitters. New York bridal fashion week exhibits some of the most romantic fashions any runway has ever seen. It is a celebration of couture and everything nice, but most of all- LOVE! However, before the PARTY is the pre-party with fun vendor exhibits at the Event Planner Expo 2017 on October 3. At the expo you saw notable faces such as

Fast forwarding to NYBFW... more like a weekend for me... The line up entailed Casablanca Bridal show, The Knot Couture presenting up and coming Bajan designer Jaye Apple Waite, Crate and Barrels show case of THE BLK TUX, bridal fashions by Hayley Paige and so much more. Last but NEVER least, The Knot Gala. I am so giddy I don't know where to start! Casablanca Bridal show was breathtaking. If you follow me on IG you saw some fun clips in my insta-stories. However, what I appreciated most about the collection was that it was cohesive from head to toe and most of all he showed various styles that would be suitable for the more religiously

conservative bride without taking away the glam or sexy. YES! YOU CAN WEAR ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES AND STILL BE SEXY!

But before it got too crazy, I got the chance to sit down with Barbados native Jaye Applewaite (! Ladies and gents (if there are any gents reading this blog...that would be cool- but anyway) THIS designer is the future of wedding gowns! Her style can be categorized as sultry

and sexy without being raunchy! Passion pours out in every piece of this FIRST collection. A little back story on this young hopeful, she was a Professional Civil Engineer looking for an outlet to professionally express her more creative side that was being stifled in her more conservative position. Did ya'll just hear what I said? CIVIL ENGINEER.... that means she knows math and stuff... and will get those measurements RIGHT, okay! That sounds like someone I want making my dress.

Sitting down with Miss Wait I asked her some quick questions... Go!

Rev. Roxy: How would you describe the woman wearing any design from BLURRED DREAMS Collection?

Jaye: Naturally beautiful, effortless, carefree, passionate...

Rev. Roxy: What makes Jaye Apple Waite design unique?

Jaye: The style, the material used has some natural give and stretch to it even if it does not appear that way at a glance. I also line the inside of my dress with flesh tones so that it has a sexy illusion, but its still safe. My designs are a guarantee fit.

Rev. Roxy: I've gotta ask for the budget conscious bride, what is your price range at this time?

Jaye: Dresses that are in my collection start from $2,500 and a custom gown starts at $3,000.

Rev. Roxy: Wow, that's super fair pricing! So I am already married for over 5 years but my favorite dresses in your collection are RONA and JENICE... What advice do you have for women like me who never got the chance to know you when they got married or who already have their wedding gown purchased but still would like to incorporate your work into their special day?

Jaye: I believe this dress is definitely suitable for a the bride who wants the GLAM of a second or third wedding look or even for a vow renewal.

Rev. Roxy: Yes! I am getting total "grown and sexy" vibes from the BLURRED DREAMS collection. If you could have your pick of casting the woman who wears your dresses who would it be?

Jaye: That's easy! I would obvious want Rhianna to wear my dresses. She really has the confidence to wear my design without second guessing herself or the dress. She would bring out the assertive side of my work. I would also like to see JLO wear any of the dresses from BLURRED DREAMS to bring out the sensual yet powerful aspect of the design. I believe a lot more women have this side to them than they give themselves credit for and I hope my designs can give them the opportunity to step out.

Rev. Roxy: Fun! I can completely see that. It wouldn't be difficult to imagine at all. All this talk about your amazing collection- you live in St. James, Barbados, tell us how can American or Canadian brides get your designs?

Jaye: I ship worldwide and have a thorough form to be filled with your measurements. You can go to a seamstress to get this form filled. You can choose to have me make the dress and mail it to you or take a fun vacation to Barbados. You can certainly have your bachelorette party in Barbados and I can make a dress in as little as a week.

Rev. Roxy: Brilliant! Jaye, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me and bless us with your gifts! How can everyone stay in connected?

Jaye: (Website) | (Email) | @jayeapplewaite (Instagram) | Jaye Applewaite (Facebook)

Love, love, love her... I can't wait to visit her in Barbados... I think I will take that trip to Barbados sooner than later...go to the front desk of my hotel and ask,"I am thinking of doing a vow renewal any suggestions of where I might find a BOMB dress?" See what they say... if it ain't "Jaye Apple Wait", it's WRONG.

But what kind of NYBFW would it be without snagging entrance to The Knot Gala!!! Yes girl, I was like one of the first people in line ready to check in. I played NO GAMES when I saw that they shut entry down at CAPACITY. It's practically the grammy's for the wedding industry minus the awards. But it was a Midsummer's Night Dream theme through and through. From the ginormous trees to the fairy godmother like dancers and the moving bushes. It was a party in the forrest... in the middle of the library. It was like the story books came to life. Carly Roney and friends really know how to throw an event and sure enough know what it means to showcase an exemplary "fairy tale wedding". I was so floored. While I continued to take mental notes about the whole thing I just stopped myself and tried to remain present.

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