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There are many reasons why the east coast bride should consider having a getaway wedding in the Poconos, but three reasons (in my opinion) are listed below:


"They" say the engagement ring should be a certain percentage of the groom's income in one year, so if all etiquette applies, shouldn't your wedding be too? Where are the proportions for wedding budget? You are inviting friends and family and, for the most part, they all know who you really are so why pretend to be Princess Diana. Be Princess "yourself"! The Poconos will roll out the red carpet for you at a fraction of the price in NYC in most aspects. It doesn't mean you can't have any of your vendors from NYC it just means that the Poconos gives you the nuts and bolts of a wedding for less at good quality.


So often "bargain" has been frowned upon in the wedding world, but as a wedding officiant, Chaplain and minister of the gospel; I certainly care more about the flourishing of marriages than a show stopper wedding. My motto is, "I don't do weddings, I do marriage." This is why I have paired "bargain" with "brilliance". It's one day, a few hours rather and you should NOT go broke over it.

Nevertheless, you are building a memory so with prioritizing what your non-negotiables are, you will realize that you can put more into the details if you spend less on the venue. The Poconos has some of the most beautiful (and very green) outdoor spaces that require little to no decor. Let nature do the decorating for you. I honestly wouldn't be able to tell the difference between some of the spaces in the Poconos and Central Park from photos and I grew up in NYC.

Whether you have daydreamed about your ceremony in an enchanted forrest, a lakeside ceremony or a gathering near Pennsylvania's Niagra- Bushkill Falls you can have it all. The biggest beauty about the Poconos is that you can kill two birds with one stone. It's known as an amazing romantic or honeymoon destination with some of the biggest and best resorts. These mountains are located approximately 90 minutes from NYC. And all for the price of NOT breaking the bank!

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