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Welcome to the wedding blog of MARRIED by REV ROXY! A boutique wedding officiating service based in New York City and serving couples domestically and internationally. It would be most fitting to start this blogging journey by reflecting on my own wedding. However, I think it would be more cool to drop details throughout the year.

One of the things that inspires me to perform wedding ceremonies is that it is a time, above all times, to do things the way YOU want to do them. It's not a time to adhere to everyone else's expectations and traditions, but a unique time where two people become one. Well, of course, except if someone else is completely paying for it and wants a say in everything... then I am not talking to you : ) This doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't have a ceremony rich in tradition, but that you should consider the things that are most meaningful to you and your soon-to-be spouse.

As a marriage officiant I have seen beauty in a range of weddings. From the small wedding in someone's living room or backyard with their closest of friends and family to the huge blow out at the Ritz Carlton Central Park. Regardless of which you choose, the only thing I ask is that you be happy with the memory you choose to build. Try to make it as meaningful as possible.

After working with a number of couples, I've come to realize that that means different things to different couples. But, a lot of couples have no idea what that means for them. They know what their values are individually but have not quite hammered out what that means to them as a pair. Don't feel bad if you find yourself in this place. It's natural. It's new. Hopefully you will have a faith community, family and friends community to help you along the way. Counsel (your support team) is always great in this type of life event, so use them!

If you don't have this community, and believe me I know that many do not, then do your research on the officiant you hire. If you are religious (at all) make sure they are an actual minister ordained by an legit ordaining body and not Snuffy the Cat offline. If they do couples counseling, make sure that they have been trained in some way, not just blowing steam.

The wedding business is big business and you want to make sure that your hard earned dollars are well spent on quality, not just the best deal or someone who can tell funny jokes. If you can, leave yourself enough time to develop relationships with your vendors. Spending the time now will help you to give a sounds review by the end of your journey.

Until the first of the month...

To follow me find MARRIED by REV ROXY on social media: @marriedbyrevroxy

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